How I like to cook fish



There are several ways to prepare fish, and everyone has their favorite. When people ask me how I like to cook fish I my answer is always the same. I like to cook it the fastest and easiest way, and this means on a stovetop. Thankfully, my method also tastes great, and is healthy to eat. Just by following these simple steps you can cook a fish fillet in 10 minutes or less.

Which type of fish?

When you are cooking fish on the stovetop the type really does matter. White fish fillets are generally recommended, and my favorite is Tilapia. Cod, grouper, bass and even snapper and catfish are also great choices, along with haddock. Once you have chosen your fish it is time to toss the fillets in a pan. The fillets should be 6 to 8 ounces a piece, and this is usually enough for the average adult.

Choosing your pan

There are three types of skillets that can be used to cook fish, and the best one often depends on personal preference. When I’m in a hurry I generally use a non-stick skillet, and this has the added advantage of making cleanup a breeze. You can also use a cast iron or stainless steel skillet, though you will want to use a little more oil. The oil will help prevent the flaky fish from sticking, and it also gives the fillets a crispy texture and golden color. Personally this is the reason why I like cooking fish this way.


Cooking your fish

It is important to remember that it only takes a few minutes on each side to cook a fish fillet so you don’t want to walk away from the stove. This is especially important if you are using a cast iron or stainless steel skillet since you will have to add more oil to prevent the fillet from sticking or burning. You will know when it is time to flip the fillet when it is starting to turn a very light golden color. When both sides have a slight golden color it is time to slip them onto a plate.

How you garnish the fillet is up to you. I like to coat them with breadcrumbs. It’s quick, easy and won’t add a lot of extra calories. You can also garnish with fresh lemon or serve them with your favorite sauce.