About Kieran



Hi there! My name is Kieran and I work as a project manager for a multinational corporation. As you probably have guessed by now, that takes up a lot of my time, which is why I rarely get enough time for myself and my family. The amount of stress I’m having to put up with on a daily basis takes a toll on the way I behave with people around me, and that’s why I regularly set out to organize fishing trips with my father and uncles. I’ve been joining them on their angling adventures ever since I was a kid, and while things have greatly changed over the years, I can say that it relaxes me just as much as it used to when I was a teenager.

Since my job is rather stressful, I created this blog to focus on my personal hobbies and passions. One of them is fishing, and so I will try to take as much time as I possibly can to go into detail and tell you some of the techniques I have learned over the years. I’ll also talk about the area I live in and the one where I go on fishing trips and the species one can encounter in there. Aside from all the equipment and gear recommendations I will be able to give to you, I’ll make sure to include some activities and fun things you can do while you’re out fishing so that you can include other members of your family, as well. I know it’s tricky to manage all the work-life balance part nowadays, and that’s why we should all try to spend as much time with friends and family as we possibly can. One can never know when one’s about to run out of time forever, and there might not be any way going back.

Although I don’t have any children of my own, I have seen friends and other members of my family try to convince their kids to take up fishing as well. Sometimes, it really boils down to the personality of the child and whether or not he or she will take up an interest in angling in a natural way. If this doesn’t occur, you shouldn’t force your hobbies onto your kid because there’s a high chance that he or she will grow up and will never fish again. Instead, focus on spending time outdoors where the air is fresh and clean and organizing all sorts of fun activities. Many a time, fishing can be combined with picnics, so be sure to pack up your lunch or just some sandwiches, and even bring your dog along, if you have one. Fishing is so much more entertaining when pets are around, believe me!

I hope you’ll enjoy the time you’ll spend on my blog.